digifobpro provides instant and full data analysis in your hands, thanks to its high-visibility LCD screen.

digfobpro is a single device which combines various functions allowing you to:

  • Easily download driver’s card data and check in real time that your drivers complied with the EU regulations.
  • Selectively downloads data from your digital tachograph, saving you time on unnecessary full downloads.
  • Transfer the digital data to your computer for data storage.


The following details can be shown by digifobpro:

  • Information – displays periods of inactivity and weekly rest.
  • Infringements – displays infringements 561/2006.
  • Summary – displays weekly totals for drive, work & POA.
  • Latest – displays last activity, when daily rest must be taken by, totals for last shift and shows last daily rest.
  • Weeks – the user can specify the weeks to view that above information, between 1 to 20 weeks or all weeks.