Digital Tachograph

By law as of 1st May 2006, digital tachographs should be fitted to all commercial road haulage vehicles registered on or after that date.

Based on smart cards, motion sensors and digital units, the new system replaces the conventional paper discs and mechanical tachograph units that have been used to monitor drivers of commercial vehicles to date.

Digital tachographs hold data on drivers and their periods of driving, rest and duty for up to a 12-month period.

Unlike analogue units, digital tachographs also hold information relating to faults, attempts to tamper with the system, speeding, calibration details, and when the data has been accessed, for example, by VOSA staff or the Police.

The new digital tachographs deliver many benefits, including the ability to apply EU transport legislation seamlessly across all member states, which is particularly useful for vehicles and fleets crossing international borders.

New trucks and buses must have a digital tachograph unit that is integrated and calibrated with a motion sensor in the vehicle.

Each driver receives a personal smart card inserted into the unit when driving, so that details of their specific journeys are recorded. This information is then downloaded and held by fleet owners digitally, to help them meet their legal obligations .

SE5000 Digital Tachograph

To service EU legislation and meet customer needs, Stoneridge have developed the SE5000 Digital Tachograph. Complying with Annex 1B regulations, the SE5000 is fully compatible with all Type Approved Tachograph smart cards.