Tachograph Analysis

Our bespoke OPTAC3 tachograph analysis software means it does not cost you the earth to stay compliant. Simple, efficient and effective, we only charge for the number of drivers you have (only £1 per driver, per week), and you can download as often as you like for no additional costs.

OPTAC3 also integrates fully with our Remote Download solution, digifobpro, and it is free to download digital vehicles, as well as analogue charts.

OPTAC3 is a web-based tachograph analysis solution designed for individual owner-drivers right up to large international fleets. OPTAC3 is used and trusted by some of Europe's leading transport and logistics companies.

With a selection of 40+ driver and vehicle reports, you can instantly analyse your data, and you can rest assured that our automatic infringement checking will ensure you stay legal at all times. Our software makes tachograph analysis simple with its easy to use interface and full support.

What's more, we offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test all the savings and efficiencies the OPTAC3 digital tachograph software could bring to your business.

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