Smart Tachograph Legislation

The Annex 1C (EU 2016/799) smart tachograph legislation was introduced on 15 June 2019. This is designed to reduce tachograph fraud, improve efficiency and reduce the admin burden on fleets.

We are ready to help you adapt to the change with the SE5000 Connekt, our type approved 1C smart tachograph.

The main change is for Workshops. And we can help with the wireless Optimo² workshop tool, CITO2 workshop software and DSRC and GNSS testers. Find out more here.

For fleets and drivers there will be little difference. You still need to comply with the Drivers’ Hours Legislation and Working Time Directive. As usual, you will carry on downloading, storing and analysing your digital tachograph data, but need to make sure your analysis software and download tools are up to date.

To make sure you are compliant, we have the OPTAC3 online tachograph analysis software and download tools such as the digifobpro and digiDL.

For more information on the Annex 1C introduction including the impact on fleets, drivers and workshops, visit