OPTAC Download Tool 1C Upgrade (Optac Download Tool not included)

Upgrade for the OPTAC Download Tool to enable it to download 1C Smart tachographs.

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With the introduction of the Annex 1C Smart tachograph in June 2019 the OPTAC Download Tool requires an upgrade in order to download the 1C data set from the new tachographs. Once your tool has been upgraded it will have the ability to download data from both 1B and 1C tachographs.

Once purchased, the registered e-mail address will be e-mailed a licence key and instructions on how to undertake the upgrade to the tool.

The upgrade will require the following cables, which came with your OPTAC Download Tool. If you are no longer in possession of these cables, they can be purchased from the shop by clicking on the links:

USB Cable 
• Firmware Upgrade Cable*

*Requires PC with serial port. If the PC has no serial port, then a USB to Serial Convertor cable is also required. Please double check your cables / PC connections before purchasing the 1C upgrade.

The software and upgrade instructions for upgrading the OPTAC Download Tool can be found here.

If you do not own a 1C tachograph this upgrade is not required. You can locate the latest free 1B firmware here.

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