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PC based :

Best if you prefer to control your own data and perhaps download more often than legislation requires.

Server based :

Similar to PC based, it also suits fleets who operate out of multiple depots.

Web based :

A solution for all fleet sizes, for those who want unlimited ability to download.

3. The Panasonic Analogue Chart scanner we sell is required to import your driver charts. Do you need to buy one?

3. You will need to download and import your digital data. Do you also need to buy a download tool?

3. You need the Panasonic Analogue Chart scanner we sell to import your driver charts, and you also need to download and import your digital data. Do you need to buy a Chart Scanner and/or Download Tool?

4. How many drivers do you have in your fleet?

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OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis Software

OPTAC3 is the latest tachograph analysis software from Stoneridge. From just £15 per year.

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OPTAC3 is about flexibility!

You can choose how you want to use OPTAC3 tachograph analysis software, and the package and price you need, making it suitable for owner-drivers right up to large international fleets.

OPTAC3 is about choice

The software can be used securely on the web, or installed on your PC or server. Depending on your fleet size, and whether you use digital, analogue or mixed tachographs, you choose the product you need to meet your legal requirements. 

OPTAC3 is about you

OPTAC3 Analysis Software is designed with you in mind. It's easy-to-use and provides the right reports to help you get the best out of your vehicles and drivers.

OPTAC3 is unlike other analysis solutions – it’s simply better. For more information about OPTAC3, read about our digital tachograph analysis kits, analogue tachograph analysis kits and our mixed tachograph analysis kits, or contact us today.

If you require a local installation on PC/Server please call us on 08000 73 15 77

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