What Reports Does OPTAC3 Produce?

Driver Letter

allows you to alert your drivers to any infringements they have and by having them sign the report you have evidence that they were informed of the infringement

Driver Utilisation

get the most out of each driver by keeping track of how they spend their time, whether on Driving, Other Work, POA or resting

Vehicle Utilisation

helps you verify that you are getting the most effective use of your fleet by understanding in detail how each vehicle is used

Card & VU Download Reminder

uses a “Traffic Light” system to show you when a card or tachograph is coming up for downloading, and which are already late

WTD Weekly Averages

shows you the number of hours a driver has worked each week in a given reference period, allowing you to manage your resources more efficiently

Daily Details Graphical Report

gives a detailed break-down of a driver’s activities for a calendar day, giving you more choice on how to view your data


This is just a sample of the 40+ different reports generated by OPTAC3.  A summary of all the OPTAC3 Reports is available in our Downloads section.