How can I tell if my Stoneridge Tachograph (SE5000) is a new 1C Smart Tachograph?

Our tachograph is branded SE5000 Connekt however not all branding is visible. Here are some alternative ways to determine if you have a Stoneridge 1C Smart tachograph.


  1. The age of the vehicle or tachograph. 1C smart tachographs are typically fitted on vehicles after May 2019.


  1. On a 24H VU printout you can see it says “GEN2” when it is a smart tachograph (SE5000 Connekt), see the example below:

  2. On a Technical Printout the presence of the GNSS symbol indicates that this is a 1C / Generation 2 / Smart tachograph.

  3. The download port is upside down on a 1C tachograph compared to a 1B tachograph: