How can I log into OPTAC3 when I have forgotten my password?

If you cannot log into your OPTAC3 account, then please ensure that your Customer name is correct and try again.


  1. If you are the “user”, then you need to contact to your OPTAC3 administrator.


  1. If you are the OPTAC3 “administrator” (admin user) please follow these steps:
    • Log into OPTAC3 with the admin user
    • Go to Users and User Management
    • Click on Edit next to the user that you wish to change the password
    • Ensure that the password meets the complexity requirements.


  1. If you are also the OPTAC3 “administrator” (admin user) but can’t login with that account, please follow these steps:
    1. Browse to your OPTAC3 Web account ensuring your customer name is entered.
    2. Press the password reset button (in red colour).
    3. An automated e-mail will be created and e-mailed to your email address*.

      Please ensure that you check your SPAM or junk mail folder for this email.

    4. Once you log in with your “admin” username, follow the instructions 2 onwards.


*Typically this is the email address that was setup when your account was created. If the point of contact has changed within your business, please provide us with updated contact details to allow us to amend our records (e-mail, phone number and name).