How can I edit digital driver data?

Information imported from digital driver cards can be edited within the Calendar View area. In order to perform this operation, please log in to OPTAC3 as a Standard User. Once you have logged in please click on “View Data – Drivers” in the blue ribbon at the top of the screen. Thereafter please click on the Calendar View icon  and select a driver.

The Calendar View will now display activities for the current month.

Please click on a day and then on “Day View” button, details for that day will be displayed in a graphical form. To edit activities, please left click with your mouse on the activity you would like to modify and then select the alternative activity. You can repeat this operation as many times as you like, please ensure you click the “Save” button after you have completed your changes.

By clicking on “Change” you can now switch between the edited data and original data.

It is important to note that for enforcement purposes, the raw digital data that can be exported from OPTAC3 is always left in it original unedited format.