Version 6 Upgrade

OPTAC Fleet Viewer Version 6 is now available for installation for all OPTAC Fleet Viewer customers. This updated version features the following updates, including:

  • Compatibility with the Generation 2 / Smart Tachograph*
  • Windows 10 (64-bit) compatibility


We encourage all existing OPTAC Fleet Viewer customers to download the software, so you can benefit from these new features. (Please note, if you purchased OPTAC Fleet Viewer after 19.07.19, you may already have Version 6. Please check the software version in the bottom left hand corner of the software screen).

*You may need to upgrade your download device to download Generation 2 / Smart Tachographs.

Prerequisites: OPTAC Fleet Viewer version 5 must already be installed in order to upgrade to version 6. Please click here for the details on how to download and install version 5.

OPTAC Fleet Viewer typically uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2. If you are using a newer edition of SQL Server then please contact OPTAC Support before upgrading.

IMPORTANT – please read before downloading the upgrade:

  • We strongly advise that you perform a back-up of your database before upgrading.
  • If you are running a Server version of the software, please contact Customer Support on the telephone number at the bottom of these instructions before proceeding.
  • Please close all other applications when performing the upgrade process.
  • Please note that once the upgrade process commences a progress bar will appear. From time to time this progress bar may look static – please do not interrupt the installation process.
  • Please be aware that the computer may require a restart during the OPTAC Fleet Viewer installation.
  • We recommend that you disable your security software during the installation process to ensure that all components are successfully installed.
  • Please consult the System Requirementspage to ensure your system is compatible with the latest version of OPTAC Fleet Viewer.
  • We strongly advise that you perform a back-up of your database AFTER the upgrade process to Version 6 is complete.



  1. Left click your mouse once on “OPTAC Fleet Viewer Version 6 Download” (the link below these instructions).
  2. You will be asked if you want to “Run, Save or Open” the file.
  3. Select “Save” and choose a location such as “Desktop”.
  4. The file will now download. The speed of download may vary depending on your Internet connection.
  5. Once the file has downloaded successfully, an icon will appear at the location you chose.
  6. Double click the left button of your mouse on the icon and the OPTAC Fleet Viewer Version 6 installation will begin.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions, when prompted, please click “Next” to continue.

OPTAC Fleet Viewer Version 6 Download


For assistance please phone:

UK: 01382 866 356 Germany: 069 22227840 Portugal: 8008 60008
France: 05 59 50 16 44 Italy: 02 36006300 Netherlands: 020 712 1396
Spain: 91 414 3160 Sweden: 08 50578446 Denmark: 80 885817
Turkey: 0800 142038191 Russia: 7 810 8002 607 2044


NB: Ver 5 upgrade instructions: