Licence Renewal

1. When you get this message, please click on the “Next” button.


2. If your license has already expired, you will then see the following screen.

Click once in the “Reactivate Software” circle and then click on “Next”.




3. Click on the link in the software above the white box that says “Click to generate an Activation Key”.



4. You are now going onto the OPTAC website.

5. Please enter your details in the boxes provided, select your country and click on “Next”. It is important that you use a valid email address so we can confirm your new activation code via email.


6. Please read and accept the terms and conditions.


7. Enter your credit card details. The address you use must match the address that appears on your credit card statement.



8. This is a summary of your payment and registration details. Please check your details and click on “Complete Purchase”.



9. Your payment will be confirmed and your new activation code will appear on the screen.

10. Copy and paste the new activation code into the box provided in your software and click on “Finish”.

11. Two emails will also be sent to you: one containing the activation code, the other a confirmation of your payment.