digifobpro v2

The digifobpro v2 provides instant and full data analysis in your hands and it has been updated to include the following new features:

  • Full colour screen
  • Real Time Clock
  • More buttons for simpler navigation
  • Direct USB connection
  • Charging and data transfer from the 1 cable and port
  • Increased connectivity with K-Line and Bluetooth options
  • Updated design with removable rubber bumper to improve robustness
  • More detailed graphical reporting
  • Increased memory storage for thousands of tachograph files


The newer unit continues to offer the same great features:

  • Easily download driver’s card data and check in real time that your drivers complied with the EU regulations.
  • Selectively downloads data from your digital tachograph, saving you time on unnecessary full downloads.
  • Transfer the digital data to your computer for data storage.


Technical Specifications

  • 3GB Internal flash memory
  • Direct vehicle connection cable
  • Direct PC connection cable via USB
  • Rechargeable (lithium polymer batteries)
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Graphical colour display (W: 45mm X H: 60mm)
  • Automatic card reading
  • Six button control
  • Auto power down
  • Robust plastic casing
  • Dimensions : H: 115mm, W: 75mm, D: 20mm
  • digiConnect, Windows™ based configuration