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Mixed Download Block

Chart, Smartcard and vehicle download Top-Up for OPTAC3 web accounts

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One mixed download block gives you enough capacity to store 17 smartcard downloads, eight vehicle downloads and the data from 250 scanned charts, approximately enough for one driver and one vehicle for one year. This is based on:

  • Chart downloads - one driver working five days per week, using one chart per day and working 50 weeks of the year, which equals 250 charts.

  • Smartcard downloads - one driver, downloading every three weeks over 52 weeks, which equals 17 downloads.

  • Vehicle downloads - one vehicle being downloaded every six weeks over 52 weeks, which equals eight downloads.

Mixed download blocks can only be used with an OPTAC3 Web Mixed Tachograph Analysis account.

Please note that download blocks are for customers on the existing OPTAC3 Web limited package ONLY as a download top up.

If you are a new customer looking for tachograph analysis, we offer an unlimited OPTAC3 Web download package.

For existing customers interested in switching to the unlimited download option, please send us your details and we will be in touch shortly.