The authorities have asked for my data, how can I export it from OPTAC3?

To export data from OPTAC3 select “Drivers” or Vehicles” from the top menu. Click the Icon “Export digital data in Legal Format “where you will be able to select specific drivers or vehicles. Once all required drivers/vehicles have been ticked, click on “show data”. All available downloads for the chosen drivers/vehicles will be shown. Tick the desired file(s) that you need to present to the authorities and click on “Export selected”.  Depending on your browser the files will be saved in your standard downloads folder or you will be given an option to Open/Save the file.


Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Data Export option which is available by clicking on “Company” in the top menu. Click the icon called “Export digital data in Legal Format”. The wizard will then allow you to filter downloads by Activity Date, Download Date or Import Date. Follow the wizard to export the required data.