My remote download (digiDL) does not work, what do I do?

If you do not receive files from your digiDL (remote download) please, go to the vehicle and check the status of the LEDs in the digiDL; In order to work properly, those LEDs need to be ON and STEADY.

digiDL LED Status Information:






Power OK

No Power

Power OK, a task is processing




Intermittent CAN communication


Comms OK

No Comms

Attempting to connect via GPRS or Wifi

What can I do to fix my digiDL?

  • If the RED LED (P) is off:
    • Check that the digiDL is connected to the A port (via the white plug) of the tachograph.
    • Unplug the cable between the tachograph and the digiDL and connect again.


  • If the BLUE LED (W) is off:
    • Make sure that the SIM card is seated correctly within the digiDL.
    • Check if your SIM card is active and if there is reception in your area.
    • Try a different SIM from the same provider (if you have a working one).


  • If the GREEN LED (C) is off:
    • Check that the digiDL is connected to the C port (via the red plug) of the tachograph.
    • The tachograph may be incompatible, or it needs to be configured.


If these instructions do not solve your problem, please contact Technical Support for assistance with the serial number of the digiDL.