My OPTAC Tool shows 4 red LEDs, what should I do?

With 4 red lights, there can be various reasons for this. This can indicate a specific error stored within your device or that the memory is corrupt.

To identify which of these has occurred, please connect your OPTAC Tool to the PC using the USB cable. Switch on the device and go to “This PC or “My PC” the device should appear under ‘Devices and Drivers’.

Double click on the drive letter for the device to see if you can access and view data. If you can access the Download Tool then we recommend emailing [email protected] with the “configuration.dat” file stored on the device and state that your device has 4 red LEDs. We shall respond informing you of the error code and supply a new configuration.dat file to remove the error.


If you cannot access the OPTAC Download Tool, as the device needs formatted, then please see our FAQ for how to format the OPTAC Download Tool.