I can’t seem to download – how do I get the digital data from my vehicle?

Please make sure that the company card is in the first slot of the digital tachograph.

Then switch on the OPTAC Download Tool and connect it to the tachograph.

Press the button to start downloading:

Full Download button: Press this button if you want to download all the information on the vehicle. (This is the option you will choose if it is the first download you are doing for this vehicle.)

Partial Download button: Press this button if you want to do a partial download. (It will collect the information recorded since the last download.)

Four green LED’s will be flashing to indicate that the tool is downloading.

If the download is successful, one green light will come on. You can then unplug the cable and take the company card out of the tachograph.

If the download is not successful, the tool will show a red light.

Please make sure that cables are properly plugged in and try again. If the download fails again, please contact our support team (see contact details at the top of this page).