Do I need to back up my data?

If you are using OPTAC3 on the web, there is no need to back up your data. All the data you upload to OPTAC3 is saved onto our Stoneridge secure server, which is mirrored in real time onto a back up server. These two servers are in two different locations, in order to make online data storage on OPTAC3 even more secure.

If you are using the PC or Server version of OPTAC3, we strongly advise you perform back-ups in case of computer failure or a fire. A back-up is the only safeguard you have, so please make sure you perform this procedure regularly and that your backed up data is stored in a secure location.

Regardless of which version of OPTAC3 you are using, you must still make sure that your analogue charts are safely stored, as a scanned image of an analogue chart is not a legal document.